Portraits in Wood
A wonderful family keepsake! The likeness of you
and your loved ones warmly carved in wood. A
unique and loving gift for any occasion.
So, How Much Does A Portrait in Wood Cost?
Portraits in wood start at $225.00 (this cost includes framing), plus shipping, for a carving of one individual's head set in 11x14 frame. For each additional individual
in the same portrait, add $25.  More than 3 or 4 heads require a larger frame, starting at $250, and $25 for each additional head.

Action portraits, like the portrait of Lance Armstrong, above, are priced individually as the amount of artwork involved , beginning at $225.00 Cost  varies according
to details.  If you email us a photo, we will be happy to give you a firm price.

Give Portraits in Wood as gifts and save!  Duplicate portraits ordered AT THE SAME TIME as the original will be sold at a 25% discount, framed, plus shipping (in
other words, the original at full price, plus 25% off the total price of EACH additional Portrait ordered!). This discount may be useful to you if you wish to give
duplicate portraits to grandparents or other loved ones!
What Pictures Are Suitable for a Portrait in Wood?
Formal portraits work well because they are usually nicely in focus and properly lit. However, any snapshot or photo that is well-focused might work. If you email us
the photo(s), we will work with you on what will work best!  We can, on occasion, use scanned photos, although the focus is usually not as clear. Generally, digital
photo(s) are best, or the actual photo(s) mailed to us. Your photo(s) will be returned intact, as we do not damage them.
This is the full 11x14  portrait of the three children at left.(
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How are these portrait created?
Every Portrait in Wood begins with your photo(s).  
Louis Koiner takes your photo and uses it for the basis
of his hand-designed pattern. The pattern is then used
for carving the portrait on a scroll saw. All portrait
patterns are designed by hand, and all carving is
hand-guided. NO laser or other computer carving
technology is used.